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Featured Equipment

USED DC Rectifier

480 Volt 3ph AC input
5000 amp 0-12 volt DC
Water cooled

Completely rebuilt like NEW!
External Iron Core Ripple copper bus choke filter and Capacitor Filter Bank for less than 5 % ripple at all DC amperage outputs. Price: $13,800.

One year Warranty!


Porous Pot

Manufacturer of:

Suppler of:

  • Tank ventilation equipment meeting EPA standards

  • Fume scrubbers and exhaust hoods

  • Lead-lined chrome plating tanks

  • Plating rectifiers

  • Lead mat anodes

  • Sheet lead

  • Lead wire

  • Yellow PVC and aluminum-foil tapes

  • Stop-off lacquer

Provider of:

Consulting: Consulting available priced at $1000.00 per day, plus expenses. Let us solve your problems.